Day 1: The First Attempt

 Ok, it was only the first hour of my first day of this experiment and I slipped up. I ate a delicious cinnamon roll left over from Easter’s carnage. To be fair, it felt like it was totally worth it. Also, if any of you have some breakfast ideas that aren’t loaded with sugar, let me hear them. My go to breakfasts are usually something like doughnuts, muffins, sugary cereal, etc. I like the idea of a protein packed breakfast, but that generally means there is some preparation involved with eggs and meat and time. At 6 am, it usually comes down to “I could make myself a delicious home made, healthy breakfast” or “I could pretend to sleep for another twenty minutes”. The latter always wins. One problem at a time. 

Work was a success. It’s pretty easy to avoid sugar when you’re a nanny spending your day in someone else’s house. If organic Melba toast and sugarless granola is ever discovered to be unhealthy… Well It still wouldn’t affect me because I’m not going to touch that stuff. 

The real problem came after work. I got home, realized how hungry I was, then I realized there was still Easter candy. So naturally, I binged on jelly beans for the next few minutes (or hour) until my throat started to feel raw and sore from all the sugar. Isn’t it funny that even when something has an immediate negative effect on our bodies, it still isn’t a clear enough signal to lay off? That speaks pretty strongly to me about the role sugar plays on a psychological level. 

Anyway, I ate the jelly beans, had a sugar crash, and woke up just now realizing I never made dinner. Today was not a perfect day by any means, but I’m still telling you all which is helping to hold myself accountable. If you have any insight to this experiment, and what might help (short of shock therapy) please comment below! If you want to keep up with these posts, you can hit the follow button at the top of the page. If you don’t want to, don’t do it. Oh, and a big part of this blog is to help me re-enter the world of writing, so I would love any feedback on that as well. Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Day 1: The First Attempt

  1. You’re funny. I like reading funny things. Here is my breakfast suggestion…you probably won’t like it at first but here me out. I have a protein shake every day for breakfast. I’ve tried a lot of different ones and found one that tastes delicious. It’s “about time” whey protein, I mix it with iced coffee, frozen banana and peanut butter, which I know you can’t have but you can make it your own.


    1. I’m thinking a protein shake might not be a bad idea… Maybe I’ll start experimenting with a few recipes. If you stumble upon any other great ones, let me know!


  2. It does get easier….however not till it gets harder. After my 40 day experiment, I had 1, ONE fig newton and I swear it was like pouring pure corn syrup down my throat. Ugh not good. ….which really is a good thing!

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  3. It’s does get easier, however it’ll get harder before it gets easier. After my little 40 day experiment, I had 1,ONE fig newton and it tasted like I had poured corn syrup down my throat…ugh not good. And that’s a good thing!!

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