Day 2: Deangelo Vickers

My favorite tv series in the entire world is The Office. In case you have never seen it, or stopped watching when Michael Scott left, Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferril) is the guy who became the “new boss” (for a couple of episodes). My favorite thing about Deangelo is his internal struggle with junk food. It’s just so relatable. Like this clip:



I felt like that all day today. It’s just within my grasp… And yet so far… I should feel proud of myself. I do, really, but I realize that I can’t just go cold turkey from all sweet things for the rest of my life. Being a realistic person, I understand that I am going to eat birthday cake again. I will stumble upon a candy bar at some point. My relationship with dessert is just on pause until I don’t feel so dependent on it. Then, after I feel like I’ve given us enough space (and I don’t talk about it as if it’s an ex boyfriend) that’s when moderation comes in. Because I really do feel like people who deprive themselves turn out a little like Deangelo.


So, yes, this is my first whole day without dessert, candy, chocolate (including chocolate chips!), and soda. Hopefully, the first of many! Oh, and a lot of you recommended the egg muffins- I made them!  

 (Let’s all just pretend this was my own photo and not taken off of Pinterest) They turned out really good and look how pretty they are! I’m a great cook/photographer. 

Let me know if the clip worked, and if you have any comments, let me hear them! 


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Deangelo Vickers

  1. I love this blog! When I try to follow you, it makes me register like I should blog. What of i just want to follow? How do I do that?


    1. I think you do have to have a word press account, but you don’t have to blog. You can just use it to look at mine and other blogs. It’s free!


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