Day 3: Craft Store Candy Confrontation

Just one day after I successfully did not eat some sort of sweet, the one thing on my mind all day was, “I did good yesterday, I deserve this” Which is normally followed by me guzzling down ten times the calories/progress I made the day before. Classic one step forward ten steps back. However. today was different! I took the little boy I nanny to Michael’s Craft store today. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been inside a craft store, but every store seems to have one thing in common: a CRAZY amazing candy section. Why is that?? Is that their way of preying on us creatively stressed people? It’s a marketing ploy of some kind. No other type of store (save legitimate candy stores) has that type of selection, and even worse, it lines the entire check out line. There’s no escape! You just have to sit there, as some lady argues over her twenty different coupons, while that French Vanilla Milky Way bar (oh yeah, it’s a thing) is staring you down, waiting for you to crack. I narrowly escaped the store with only non-edible items in hand. It was a hollow victory. I am so used to buying candy at the craft store that the whole drive home, I kept thinking, “Hey! I should eat that candy bar!” quickly followed by “Oh wait..” and ending with a depressing, audible sigh. Then, a few minutes later, the cycle repeats itself.

Another problem I have run into is, I don’t know what to do with my hands. What do people do when they’re not snacking on something all day?? Not-Sure-What-to-do-With-Hands-Talladega-Nights-Ricky-Bobby

I suppose they just become productive members of society… ugh… If you have any tips/tricks on keeping your mind off of mindless snacking, give them to me!! This blog has helped a lot, though. While I was in my intense stare off with that mean Milky Way at Michael’s, I thought, “If I screw up, I have to tell the world about it,” If you’re familiar with wordpress, it gives you a stat page which shows where views are coming from, and people are reading this in the U.K., Australia, and the Isle of Man (a small island off of Ireland). I am doing this for America! (collective chant) USA! USA!


At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself until this all gets easier…

One more Will Ferrell meme to end your reading off rightdeangelo vending machine(My life)


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