Running my first 5k

So I won’t lie, the last couple of weeks have been tough. We have had a major loss in our family and I completely fell off the wagon. My husband lost his sister to post partum psychosis. Even though she wasn’t my biological family, I looked up to her as an older sister. Everything she did, I wanted to do too. She inspired me to learn how to knit, she talked me into using cloth diapers (when the need arises), I even seriously considered taking a blown glass art class after seeing some of her work. Not only that, but she was a faithful daughter of God. Having her as an example was such a great experience, even though I only knew her a short 4 years. After we heard the news, my first priority was my husband. I knew that as hard as it was for me, it was incomparable to how Ben was feeling. So I bought him all of his favorite candies… Even though candy was the last thing on his mind. Because that’s how I deal with pain, food!   His whole office desk was covered in untouched junk food. That is a pretty big difference between the two of us. Ben is no health guru, but he will actually turn down dessert if he is too full or if he doesn’t feel like it. I ate a donut one time, and I hated it from the first bite. It tasted greasy and too salty. But I ate the whole thing. I admire that in him. He has much better self control than I do. I really want to work on that in myself, so, I signed up for a race! It’s something I will have to train for, and plan for. If not, I just wasted my own money. Here we go!

Ps-I have a question to ask anyone who is reading this. I’ve been thinking a lot about positive body image vs. Pressure to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about how women are too hard on themselves and we need to stop feeling guilty about eating what we want when we want. At the same time, we have crazy high childhood obesity rates, as well as growing heart disease in America. What do you think? 


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