Let’s get real for a minute 

Another week of mindful eating has past. By mindful, I mean one doughnut instead of the obligatory two. Can we get real for a minute? Cold turkey just doesn’t work. I’m starting to realize that. I can’t vow off sweets for the rest of my life. I can, however, ditch soda and limit dessert to one or two nights a week. Beginning this has made me realize how important a sustainable lifestyle change is compared to a “diet mentality” where you get the weight off (or the fix gone) and then one “fall off the wagon” later and you’re back to square one. 

(Kelly’s tape worm diet) I’m gonna look amazing… http://youtu.be/6hhzdcRaB3I

   I have tried really hard to keep eating out limited to date night. Last week I did pretty well with that one! Every week night, I packed a lunch and cooked dinner. I realized that, being a nanny and having full access to a kitchen, I can actually cook things at work too! Bada bing bada boom. Basically, I’ve had way more fun, and kept at this more, when I just keep in mind that I feel awesome when I’m not being weighed down by junky food. I have had so much energy lately! Instead of getting home at the end of the day and feeling like all I can do is sit on the couch and watch tv, I do stuff! Yeah, like, lots of stuff! We planted our garden this week (photographic evidence!) and the goal is to actually use what we grow by the end of the summer (a goal made many times but has never, actually, been met).

  I’m not doing this to lose weight. I have no idea if I’ve actually lost a pound or not (mostly because my scale’s batteries died and I have no plans on replacing them anytime soon). But I am not doing it for looks or acceptance or pressure. I just feel better (not to mention saving $$$ by meal planning!) and I think that this is a life style that can stick with me for awhile. 


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