Mexican shrimp quinoa, gf pasta and zucchini, and crappy pumpkin muffins

The last two weeks have been a series of trial and error in the kitchen. As a reminder, I’m on doctor’s orders to avoid chicken, eggs, beef, milk, (any land animal or its byproducts) legumes, soy, and the biggie, gluten. The first four will most likely be added back in at some point but the last three have shown up on too many allergy tests to be worth trying again. As you can imagine, I’ve felt a little limited. So I’m going outside of my comfort zone trying to find new things I can eat. Probably my favorite meal from last week was zucchini, yellow squash, and quinoa noodles in a pasta sauce.  

 I boiled the pasta separately (make sure to not over cook), sautéed the squash in olive oils with some salt, pepper, and garlic, poured the sauce on the squash when tender, add the noodles and that’s it! Convenience is key in my life right now. Anything with more than ten steps can and will result in yelling, kicking the fridge and subsequently crying. 

Another meal that was a little more time consuming but very good was Mexican quinoa with shrimp. Pinterest is my life, right now.  

She gives the recipe and direction in th link above! We nixed the black beans, but it still turned out great! My totally lucky, no allergy husband even liked it, so I think that says something!

Finally, the pumpkin muffins. It was supposed to be my first successful baked good, but alas, not so much. They were fine, just super gooey on the inside and a jerky like crust. I would have eaten them all! But after eating 3 (because you have to make sure!) I got a stomach ache, head ache, and a lovely rash returned to my neck (haven’t had it since I started being allergy free). This, along with the knowledge that I’ve always broken out in hives when carving out a pumpkin, leads me to believe I have a pumpkin allergy. I’ll do a test with my allergist to be sure, but I think for the moment pumpkin is off the table for me. The recipe was easy though, just a gf cake mix, can of 100% pumpkin, dairy free chocolate chips, pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Mix them all together, put in cups (just make them look how you want them, there is no “rising” or any change, really. You’re mostly just drying out the mix. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or til a tooth pick comes out clean.

The best news of all, this week, was finding dairy free chocolate chips and gf waffles! The chocolate chips were enjoy life brand ($5 at sprouts) and the gf waffles were $1.99 at trader joes! Trader joe’s is the only brand I’ve found that is Top 8 free, and doesn’t have coconut or pea protein. (It does have soybean oil, but my dr said refined oil is ok). Oh, and one more great thing! I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks! I guess that’s bound to happen when your diet is 80% veggies and you spend a good portion of your day on the toilet, but still!

Ps, if you have any great baked goods recipes that are top 8, pea free, and coconut free (Ana) please share!! Please! 


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