Baking soda and apple cider vinegar hair wash

Oh allergies, you always like to keep it interesting. Right as one allergic reaction clears up, another one just takes its’ place. Yesterday, my face and neck broke out in a rash and hives I haven’t seen in a long time. I noticed that the rash was limited to where my hair fell on my skin. I read my shampoo bottle (just used it for the first time the night before) and it had macadamia nut oil listed in the ingredients. Ugh.
 So, in an effort to cleanse my hair of the allergen without potentially adding new allergens (like fragrances) I did the baking soda/Apple cider vinegar rinse. I have to say, I’m highly impressed! The baking soda acts as the shampoo, and the apple cider vinegar is the conditioner. There is a really good tutorial here: but I’ll try to abbreviate it a bit.  

 First, mix baking soda with a little water until you make a paste. Set aside. Next, in a spray bottle, mix one part ACV to four parts water. In the shower, wet hair and separate into layers (I just did two, top and bottom) and spread baking soda mix onto roots. Careful not to do too much, as sodium bicarbonate will dry out your hair. Let it sit for a minute, then rinse. For the ACV rinse, part hair again, and spray into roots first, then all over. Let sit a little longer (like 3 minutes) and then rinse. It does not get that slick feeling like you just used conditioner, but wait til your hair dries! It feels so soft and it really shines! Even better, the itch is gone, sweet relief.   

(Before: notice red rash and bumps on face and neck)

(After: still red, that will probably stick around for another day or too, but still much much better!) 

 I tried this to help with my allergies, but I heard about it from people who just prefer it over the store bought shampoos and conditioners. It does seem to have a cleaner feel, and it feels like it gave my hair more volume. I’m a big fan!



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